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About Me

If a child is capable of having an epiphany, I had one. At age five I remember being in a deep Vermont gorge where I not only saw and heard a powerful river tumbling by, but actually felt its vibrations. Everything surrounding me was magical, the air was alive with birds and insects, shiny minnows darted about in pools of water at my feet, and the mosses felt like soft pillows. I remember not wanting to leave.

That early, inspiring connection stayed with me and later defined my interests as an artist. My love of highly detailed drawings of flora and fauna later expanded to paintings of other genres including landscapes, portraits and wildlife.

I try to tell a story with my art. Not just by capturing physical aspects but also interweaving that intangible "something" that makes the viewer linger and become aware. It might be a patch of cool, green grass that makes one want to walk barefoot, an article of clothing that exudes comfort or a pair of eyes that hint at the life lived and the paths travelled.

I try to tell the whole story with my art.

-Bruce Holloway

Talking with Bruce

What do you do?

Graphic Design, Illustration and Fine Arts.

What are some of the projects you’ve done?

While working for Pro-Player (Fruit of the Loom) I collaborated with Dreamworks licensing to create and promote products for the films “Small Soldiers” and “The Lost World.”  Also responsible for various cross-licensed design projects with Warner Bros. to promote sporting apparel for both the juvenile and adult markets.

On a smaller scale, I’ve had an extremely varied background including digital restoration of damaged antique photographs to age progression, pencil sketches to commissioned portraits.

As an aside I was an adjunct faculty member and advisor at NH Technical College and have taught private classes in all phases of illustration.

What’s in your toolbox?

A broad spectrum of digital (Macintosh environment with Photoshop and Illustrator) and conventional disciplines such as acrylics, watercolor, and oil paint. I am an accomplished airbrush artist as well. I have extensive experience in product prototype renderings, exhibit design, cartooning, photo illustrations, conceptual design, story boards and developmental sketches.

What job responsibilities have you had?

I sat behind the desk as both employee and self-employed; Account Executive and Vice President of advertising directing creative services. In addition to focusing on account needs, I motivated and directed creative teams while interfacing with a diverse client base to produce advertising graphics for both print and exhibit applications. My most recent position was senior designer at CPO Science.

What’s your training?

Mostly self taught but have also attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Pratt Institute (Industrial Design & Illustration) in New York and I have an Advanced Certificate in Computer Graphics.

What are your bragging rights?

Nationally recognized wildlife artist, commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation's conservation stamp campaign and winner of the 1999 & 2003 New Hampshire Duck Stamp Competition.

Are you offering prints of your work?

I am offering signed and numbered artist's proofs of my 1999 and 2003 New Hampshire duck stamp prints which includes a corresponding stamp. Out of the original 50 signed and numbered prints, only 23 remain of the 1999 Mallard print and stamp titled "Stark pond Whisperers"and only 14 remain of the 2003 Wood Duck print and stamp titled "Preening at Kimball Pond". These image dimensions are 6.5"x 9", the overall size is 12"x 14"with margins. The price is $125. At a later date, I will be offering signed trout prints titled,"Native Brook Trout". The image is 15" X 22". Overall size is 18" X 24 with margins at a cost of $90. I may produce prints of other paintings if the demand warrants it, however individual prints can be produced as a custom service. Please contact me for a price and delivery schedule.

What are the print paper specifications?

All paper and canvas are museum quality archival acid-free and with proper care will last generations. All prints are shipped in reinforced flat packs.

Do you take commissions?

Yes. Please contact me regarding subject matter and fees.

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