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James Mitchell Brown

James Mitchell Brown, CEO, a practicing lawyer since 1973, is a nationally known attorney and consultant, who is recognized for both his legal and his marketing skills. He is a former board member of the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, (Now OAJ) a founding member and past president of the National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives; has been an advocate in Washington, D.C., for plaintiff and claimant’s representatives for more than 15 years; has appeared on national and local radio and television as a guest of many news hosts including a CBS special with Bill Moyer about people falling through the Reagan safety nets, discussing the rights of the injured and disabled; has testified several times before Congress and has received numerous awards for his efforts to help people receive the benefits they deserve. The passion James brings to consulting for your practice and the people you represent opens new ways for you to bring your entire law firm to levels you never imagined.

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