I have had four consultants help my firm in the past. Jim Brown is the only one I will ever call in the future. He is easily the most outstanding consultant for a contingency fee law firm in the country. When I ask Jim a question it is as if my father, grandfather, best law professor, and wisest judge are all rolled into one person to answer me. Jim has the knack of taking any problem I may present to him, understanding it quickly and then giving me an answer that is wise, sensible and perfect for my situation.


I might spend days agonizing over a problem. It doesn't matter if it's an issue with employees, finances, marketing, a judge, a physician or the law. I can be completely beside myself. I then call Jim Brown and start to lay out my dilemma. Jim asks me a few questions and instantly has the answer I need. I don't know how he does it. His wisdom in every area of my practice is amazing. It doesn't matter what has me at a standstill. A call to Jim gets me back on track.


I have practiced law for more than 20 years. I never knew how much I didn't know until I attended an ACI workshop. WOW! Jam-packed with excitement and information. It's two months later and I can call ACI for advice on implementing ideas they presented and I still get the help I need. The ongoing assistance makes the workshop an incredible value.


ACI helped me have a great practice. When I needed more space I called them for help. They explained what a tough market it is for landlords. I went in with the facts to my landlord, got 50% more space, an extra five years on my lease without paying once cent more. ACI knows how to help in every area of a practice.


After having ACI help with the business and marketing aspects of my firm we changed from a practice that was muddling along to a firm with a sense of direction. Our income has increased, the staff morale has improved, the pride everyone takes in their work shows and I love my practice again.


Jim and Debbra Brown are marketing and business geniuses. They have helped me get more clients and turn my practice into a business. They are there when I need them. I recommend their services to anyone who wants to be an attorney and not a slave to their proactive.


I followed the Advice Jim and Debbra Brown provided and my practiced increased 30% in five months. It doubled in 12 months and they came back to help me change the way we processed cases. ACI is more than a consulting firm. It is a firm that truly lets an attorney regain the passion they need to practice effectively.


I reached my goal of new clients four months after Jim and Debbra Brown consulted for me. They showed me ways to bring in clients that I would never have thought of myself.


You have made me understand how much I can do to enjoy my practice more. My life is going to be much better because of everything you have shown me.


Thank you for giving us a swift kick in our complacency. As you know, I hate spending money but this was certainly well spent.