Law Firm Client Intake Best Practices

Law Firm Client Intake Best Practices

Despite that it is the first chance you and a potential client will have to meet each other and discuss a case, the client intake consultation can often make or break the relationship. As it is commonly said, you never get a first chance to make a first impression. Growing a firm means attracting new clients. So, you need to work hard to make sure an intake consultation goes well. You do not want to have potential clients walking out the door with no intention on returning because the intake consultation was not excellent. To ensure you have the best client intake onsultations possible, following the guidelines listed below.

Law Firm Client Intake Best Practices Check for Conflicts

If there is any type of conflict of interest, you want to learn about it right away. As soon as you can, run the potential client’s name through your system, then do the same for every name associated with the case. If anything pops up in your records, do some more digging to see what the connection is. If the conflict is old and totally unrelated to the case, you do not have anything to worry about. However, if it is current or in any way related to the case the intake is about, you will need waivers of conflict to be signed. This must be done before any confidential information is shared with you.

Collect Intake Paperwork

Be sure to get the potential client’s biographical data and other pertinent information. However, if the client is submitting this information online, be sure there is no way for him or her to share confidential information before you can check for conflicts. Also,have a questionnaire for your potential client to fill out. The form should be specific to the type of case it is, as the questions will be different for a personal injury case than they are for a divorce.

Decide if this is a Good Fit

Not every lawyer is a good fit for every potential client or case. For a lawyer and a client to be a good fit, it is a two-way street. You both need to be comfortable with each other. Not only do you need to look for signs of conflict, but you also need to be on the lookout for signs that indicate the right fit. Has the client worked with several lawyers unsuccessfully? If so, then why? Do you have the time and resources available to fit the requirements of the case? Is it an area of law with which you are familiar? The answers to these questions will tell you everything you need to know. But, if you need more convincing, have someone on your staff do some Internet research on the potential client to see if any red flags come up.

The intake consultation is perhaps the most important meeting you will have with a client. If you do not want to take anything to chance, contact Attorney Consultant, Inc. today to sign up for an upcoming intake workshop. It is the best way to help your firm grow.