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ACI consults in law firm offices for two to five days as well as doing telephone coaching. When coming to an office we first conduct an interview of one and one half to two hours of the sole practitioner or partners to learn about the firm, its staff, the background and goals of its owners and the reason for the consultation.

We then prepare a proposed outline for review. The outline shows who on the staff will be interviewed, what other topics will be covered and the schedule for the entire time we will be consulting.

Often, prior to coming to the law firm’s office, we will call six to ten current and former clients. ACI provides a template of the people to be interviewed and the firm schedules appointments for the calls. This provides us with a perspective as to how the clients view the firm, its attorneys and members of the support staff. The clients are candid in informing us as to why they would or would not refer others to the firm for representation as well as their perception as to how they are being represented.

While in the office we interview all or many of the staff members, prepare a book of 60-100 pages as well as a disc of the book for the firm owner or partners. We get a good idea of the dynamics of the firm, the issues we were hired to evaluate and how to address them properly.

When the time in the office is complete we return to our office, evaluate the notes from the time spent in interviews and discussing the issues of importance (they may include case management; intake; marketing; adding partners or more) and prepare and analysis and recommendation for the firm that will be between 40 and 75 pages long. We then discuss this report over two to three telephone calls with the firm owner or partners.

When doing telephone coaching we schedule a series of conferences to discuss whatever issues are important to the firm. The calls last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and often include forms or form letters being created for the firm’s use.

Some of the areas we cover in our consultations are:

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