The intake procedure must allow the firm to bring in the amount of new clients per month that it has the potential to represent competently. Changes are often necessary to improve the system of scheduling appointments, conducting telephone interviews when necessary, gathering initial information, sending forms to clients, following up to insure that forms are returned and communicating with clients to obtain supplemental data after the individual has become a client. ACI reviews your current procedures and recommends improvements that will improve the system currently in place. Every client that has implemented the ACI recommendations has increased the amount of new clients it brings in each month.

We recommend that clients coming into the office be scheduled within 24 hours of their initial call, or as soon as the client can come to the office. They will be impressed by your willingness to undertake representation immediately. If they cannot come in to the office, conduct a telephone interview at the time of their call. ACI will implement a system to effectively do this in your office. Send the forms to sign by priority mail and by email. Instruct clients to date the firms when signing them.

It is essential to use all of the human resources of the firm. 95% of the firm’s assets leave at the end of each working day. If they are used to their maximum capability, they will happily return the next day.

ACI will implement a system for the intake of new clients that will provide them with the assurance of quality, professional representation while providing your firm with efficient, effective procedures to retain more clients.

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