Client Communication

ACI helps its clients establish a system to communicate with clients at least 12 times per year while their case is pending. This will result in increased client satisfaction and additional referrals from existing clients. Clients often do not know the status of their claim unless they call the office. They do not know if the firm is working on their claim or if they have been forgotten. The constant calls from clients asking about the status of their case are disruptive to office personnel and unfair to clients. Clients must be proactively updated about their cases whenever information is obtained.

When speaking with a client on the telephone it is important to use their name at least three times. “Hello Mr. Smith”. “I will tell Mr. Attorney that you called with that information, Mr. Smith” “Thank you for calling Mr. Smith”. The use of the client’s name will make them feel that people in the office know and respect them as individuals.

Representation and client satisfaction will improve when the ACI Communication Program is implemented. Clients will appreciate being notified by the firm whenever information is received about their claim from any source. The Communication Program, when used in its entirety, will reduce the number of telephone calls from clients and increase the confidence they have in your firm’s representation.

Emails are an efficient way to communicate with clients.

Most law firms have a fast paced office. Taking time to return telephone calls is often difficult but effective.

Effective client communication results in more current information being obtained regarding the client’s condition, increased satisfaction in the firm’s representation, improved preparation for hearings and trials and ultimately more referrals from existing and former clients.

Newsletters sent at least three times a year are an effective way to complete one-fourth of our recommended 12 communications per year. (ACI prepares newsletters for law firms to send to clients).

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