Why you should work with an Attorney Consultation

Why you should work with an Attorney Consultation

It’s difficult to run a successful law firm. Being in charge of an effective and smooth-running firm takes a strong commitment and 24/7 dedication to all aspects of the firm. For many, trying to run the day-to-day aspects of the company while at the same time giving clients the attention they deserve can be almost too much. When problems like this arise, it’s often a sign that your firm could use a helping hand when it comes to running efficiently and maximizing your resources. Hiring an attorney consultation firm can help in many areas.

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One of the main areas that attorney consultation services can help improve is in the area of intake consultations. These are vital to the life of your firm as they affect the relationship that you establish with every new and potential client that walks through your door. How you handle these intake situations will directly affect the size of your client intake. Working with an attorney consultation firm can help you evaluate your overall intake procedures in order to help you improve it. Making your intake procedures more efficient and smooth will help grow your firm at an exponential rate.

  Case Management

Of course, getting the new client is only the first step. Once you have the client, how are you going to handle the case? As you know, effectively working a case involves an overwhelming amount of work and resources . For the inexperienced or inefficient attorney, this seems like an impossible task. Attorney consultants are knowledgeable in ways that can help you streamline your case work and make it easier to manage everything you need to stay on top of. Not only will this help you with your cases and your overall load, but it will also help you with your intake, as happy clients lead to an effective marketing tool.

  Client Communication

While there are many aspects of handling a client that are important, one of the most important is client communication. Without good, reliable communication skills you’ll soon lose your clients, who will feel like they and their needs are not being taken seriously. As you take on more clients, those communication skills become even more important, and yet at the same time they get harder to maintain. An attorney consultant can help you by showing you tricks and strategies to help maintain clear lines and means of communication.


If you are interested in knowing more about attorney consultations to improve your case management, client communications and intake processes, please contact Attorney Consultants, Inc. today.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Conducting a Legal Client Intake Consultation

The first legal consultation you have with a potential client, known as intake, is an important first step in the relationship you will forge with that person. It is the basis for a healthy attorney-client relationship. Since intake is so crucial, it is important to avoid the following pitfalls that can befall even the best of attorneys.

client intake process law firm Being Insensitive

Usually, when a potential client visits a lawyer, it is not a happy occasion. Often people seek out legal help because they are in legal trouble or they need help with a major problem. These problems can be quite personal and embarrassing, such as overwhelming debt or a drunk driving incident. These issues can often produce strong emotions such as fear, guilt, and a sense of failure. Therefore, attorneys must show compassion and understanding in order to build a sense of trust. Being insensitive to the emotions a client will make it difficult to foster a healthy relationship that will allow you to help your client in the best way possible.

Interrogating your Clients

A good lawyer has strong interrogation skills, as it is an essential component of any trial. However, a great lawyer knows when to turn those skills off. The client intake consultation provides your clients with the opportunity to tell their stories in the way they need to with no judgments. Rather than asking pointed questions, keep them open-ended and allow your clients to provide the information freely rather than putting them on the defensive.


Of course, as a lawyer, you want to ask your clients lots of questions. But, avoid this temptation during the intake consultation. Give your clients time to tell their stories without interruption. This small gesture will indicate to your clients that you care about what they are saying.

Getting Distracted

Do not allow yourself to be distracted during the intake consultation. This is not the time to take incoming calls or to check your emails. Those tasks can be taken care of at another time. If you tend to them during an intake, it sends the message that there are issues that are more important than your client. No one wants to be made to feel like a second fiddle, especially during a vulnerable time.

Pretending to know answers

A client will have many questions during an intake consultation. You will not know the answers to all of them. It is perfectly acceptable to say you do not know, but will do research and find out. It is a far better response than making up an answer.

If you would like help improving your intake consultation techniques, contact Attorney Consultants, Inc. today. We can get you going down the right path.