Screen your Clients for Mass Torts

Screen your Clients for Mass Torts

The major area where firms are losing money is failing to screen for mass torts. I recently taught an estate planning firm to look for drug cases and they have gotten one women into the Lipitor class and two men into the testosterone class. It’s a simple process but you are losing a lot of money if you don’t pay attention to the mass tort potential of the people who call your firm for representation. They may not have a case you can handle but they still may be eligible for one of the mass tort classes.

Every person who calls about any case in any area of law should be screened for mass tort potential. This is gold on your shelf that you are just letting slip away. When new class actions are filed you can send a letter or email to every current and former client to see if they or anyone they know has ever used that drug.

A client of mine with a social security practice found 861 children who had used Risperdal. He didn’t have the staff to call them all but hired two college students to do the screening. Sixteen of his former clients got into the class action lawsuit. That will be a huge co-counsel fee for him someday because of that records search.

Teach your intake specialists to take the extra few minutes and ask the questions necessary of your prospects and clients to determine their potential to join a class action case. If they had a hip replacement, ask what kind of hip it was. If they used a medication for erectile dysfunction find out if they have had a melanoma.

How do you make sure your intake personnel do this? My recommendation is that you give a $25 bonus for each person they screen who is accepted into a class. Money talks and this little bonus will do wonders for getting your people to respond properly to your new intake procedures.

The difference might be hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to your firm in co-counsel fees. That’s definitely worth an extra few minutes with each prospective client who calls your firm.