Law Firm Management Consulting with Attorney Consultant, Inc.

Law Firm Management Consulting with Attorney Consultant, Inc.

Running and managing a small law firm is, without a doubt, a daunting task. You’re being pulled in all directions by the various members of your legal staff who all need help or advice in managing their clients, and at the same time you have to try and give your own clients the attention they deserve. In any but the most efficiently-run firms, this task is pretty much impossible. If you find yourself agreeing with this, then you might be looking for help. If that’s the case, then you should contact the small law firm consultants at Attorney Consultant, Inc.

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Attorney Consultant, Inc. is a law firm management consultant company that is dedicated to helping small law firms like yours operate as smoothly efficiently as possible. We believe that anything less than this presents a disservice to clients, who aren’t getting the full representation they deserve; however, it’s also a disservice to you and your staff, who aren’t able to work to their full potential.


How can Attorney Consultants help? We offer a multi-pronged approach to small law firm consulting that focuses on many different aspects of your law firm, including:


Client Intake: We take a look at your intake procedures and ask a variety of questions. How do you find new clients? When a new client comes to you, how do you handle them and their information? Is the intake procedure designed to make it easy for you, or for the client? How long does it take to meet with a client after initial contact? Do you have follow-up procedures in place to make sure these clients are kept in the loop during their casework?


Questions like these help us examine the efficiency of your client intake process in order to find where there may be gaps. Problems in this area can lead to a backload of cases waiting to be addressed or an exodus of clients who feel like their needs are not being addressed in a timely manner.


Case Management: Once you have a case, how is it handled? When looking at this area of your firm, we examine the procedures for gathering information and working on a case. How long does it take to begin working on a case? What evidence is initially gathered? Are there procedures in place for adding additional information as needed? How long does it take to process various claims and cases?


Client Communication: From a client standpoint, communication might be the most important aspect of a law firm, other than actually winning the case. This is because a client who comes to you for help has a problem, and they are looking to you for reassurance and confidence. Communicating effectively with clients is the main way we reassure them that we take their problems seriously and are there to help. If your firm doesn’t have specific communication procedures in place, we will work with you to establish them in order to make your clients feel like their needs are being put first.


If you think your firm could use the law firm management consultant skills of Attorney Consultant, Inc., please don’t hesitate to contact us today.