Hire a Legal Case Management Consultant to Help Your Law Firm

Hire a Legal Case Management Consultant to Help Your Law Firm

Between advising and representing clients, trying to gain new clients and drawing up legal documents, how do you have time to manage all the other aspects of the firm? All attorneys and law firms can benefit from hiring a legal case management consultant.

legal case management consultant

Many attorneys feel that their law firm is running smoothly, but after hiring a case management attorney consultant, they discover more efficient ways to manage their cases. When cases are well-managed, it allows the law firm to bring in additional cases without sacrificing the quality given to each client. If business is down, legal case management consultants can give you fresh ideas for bringing in new clients, and generate new enthusiasm for you, your staff, and your firm. A consultant can also help you receive favorable decisions on complex cases, such as malpractice and ethics.

What to Expect Once you have decided to hire a case management attorney consultant, you can expect them to visit your office to meet with you, your associates, and depending on the size of the firm, most of your staff or key people. Interviewing everyone gives the consultant insight into how cases and clients are handled, and what changes can best benefit the firm.

After the initial consultation, the consultant will send an analysis of the firm and recommendations based on what was discovered during the interviews. The analysis report is usually 50 pages or more. After you have had time to review the report, three or four telephone appointments will be scheduled for an in-depth conversation about the analysis.

The case management attorney consultant will discuss the implementation of the recommendations. While it might seem overwhelming, the consultant will be there to advise, coach, and encourage you; they will be with you every step of the way when you need them.

Post-Consultation Results It will not take long to see the benefits of hiring a legal case management consultant. You will reduce overhead while bringing in new clients, your expenses will be better managed, your staff will be more productive, and you will make more money.

Teaching your case managers better methods of managing cases, attorneys can engage in more comprehensive representation of their clients. A case management attorney consultant can help your in-house case manager be more productive by providing he or her with current tools. Your internal case manager can use case management software, which will help streamline processes along with other benefits:

Management – set up an intuitive case and matter filing system, automate tasks, calendar, and manage your contacts.

Billing – track time and expenses, create professional legal invoices, online client payment options, financial reports.

Documents – unlimited document uploads, create document templates, and secure, document sharing.

Communication – secure client portal available 24/7, direct, private messaging, Real-time activity streams.

Additional ways an attorney consultant can help your law firm include marketing, workshops and telephone coaching. If you decide to hire a new partner or sell your firm, you will need to get that information out to the community. A consultant will know the best way to accomplish that. You and your staff can learn the best intake methods by attending dynamic and interactive workshops. If you have a crisis or even a simple question, a case management attorney consultant is just a phone call away for coaching.

Take the time to talk to some fellow attorneys who have hired an attorney consultant. Most likely, you will hear that the consultant helped them create and brand their market share, run their offices more efficiently, and reduce the cost of their practices. You might also hear things like they maximized the potential of each attorney and support staff member, improved the income to expense ratio, and brought in more clients. Additionally, you will learn how the consultant helped other lawyers by creating business and marketing plans and increased the value of their time and that of the firm.

Many lawyers start feeling like their practice is running their lives instead of them running the practice. Some of them feel like throwing in the towel and walking away – this the best time to contact an attorney consultant. They can help you remember why you became an attorney in the first place and why you love it. Maybe you need a partner or an associate to help take some of the caseloads. A consultant can contribute to making that determination – they will help bring positive change to your law firm. You are in a position to alter the lives of your clients – they depend on you to be at your best so that you can adequately represent them at your fullest potential. Bringing in a consultant can also revitalize the morale around the office, ease the minds of the employees and help you enjoy your practice again.