Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2019

Law Firm Marketing Strategies for 2019

Have you grudgingly accepted that your law firm has enough returning clients to sustain your practice? Is it difficult to find the time to promote your law firm online and elsewhere? Would you like to see your law firm enjoy steady growth without spending money you don’t have?

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, why not consider hiring an attorney consultant specializing in cutting-edge law firm marketing strategies?

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The ABCs of Law Firm Marketing in 2019

Law firm advertising techniques provided by professional attorney consultants like James Mitchell Brown at Attorney Consultant Inc. are meant to convey positive and interesting attributes about your law firm. Benefits of utilizing law firm advertising strategies include reaching thousands of potential customers in your area who need a lawyer but don’t know how to find one and demonstrating your authority and credibility as an attorney.


The first place most people search for a lawyer is Google. This means a successful law firm must incorporate legitimate, effective search engine optimization (SEO) into their website content. In fact, the majority of Google searchers find what they need on the first page that comes up from their search. The bottom line is–your law firm advertising strategies must significantly improve your ability to be seen on page one of a Google search.

Building and Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages are “standalone” webpages created to support advertising and marketing campaigns. A landing page is where visitors “land” after clicking on Google AdWords or other similar advertising services. When your attorney consultant develops a landing page for your firm, their objective is to urge visitors to contact your law firm using a Call to Action. In online marketing terms, this is referred to as “converting” visitors to paying clients.

Video Marketing

Your law firm is nearly 55 percent more likely to be viewed on the first page of a Google search if a video supplements your law firm marketing strategy. Videos allow you to personally introduce yourself and your staff while providing a behind-the-scenes look at your law firm.

Social Media

Listing your law firm’s full name, contact numbers, street address, website URL and business hours on social business directories like Avvo, FindLaw, Yelp and Yellow Pages makes it easy and fast for people to find you. And, of course, you must have a Twitter and Facebook account!

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Attracting the Best Clients to Your Law Office

Advertising and marketing are important for just about any customer driven industry, and attorney’s definitely need a strong marketing strategy to ensure they are reaching the people that are most likely to become clients. It can be daunting trying to navigate the different possibilities for advertising, and just as attorneys provide their clients with legal advice, there are marketing agencies that focus on law firm consulting. If you need a stronger marketing campaign, look for marketing agencies that can help with the following:

law firms consulting

Utilize Marketing that is Measurable

Some types of advertising information can be used to track how many potential clients viewed the marketing format, and whether or not those leads continued from there to hiring the attorney. This has become easier as more advertising and information switch to being online. One of the best examples of advertising that can be tracked are blogs on an attorney’s website. By having articles written about specific areas of expertise that answer the question of whether or not legal advice would be helpful, leads can be tracked from finding the article to hiring the attorney and becoming a client.

Choose a Niche to Specialize in

While many attorneys are capable and experienced in broad aspects of the law, to advertise more effectively it can be better to highlight one or two specific areas of law so that it reaches an audience that has a specific need. Many leads are searching for help with their very specific problems, and when a marketing campaign is directed more closely to matching that issue, the more likely they will find that attorney first, which turns into a higher percentage of converting to clients.

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Consumers in all areas of life are turning more and more towards social media, like Facebook and Snapchat, to find or connect with the services they need. It makes sense that the legal assistance is also being sought out this way as well, so keeping a social media presence updated can reach more people in your targeted areas than competitors will that are neglecting their digital footprint.

Network with Local Businesses

Along with using overt advertising campaign tactics like those options above, to attract more clients for law firm consulting it is beneficial to create local connections within a community that tie the attorney into other aspects of life. By helping other businesses, or participating in community activities, leads will recognize the impact that you’ve had on their surroundings already and be more inclined to seek out your services.

The Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

Managing a successful law firm can be tricky. In addition to making sure each and every one of your clients is getting the attention they deserve, you’ve got to figure out how to bring in even more cases. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of different ways to market, but not all of them are equally effective, and the last thing you want to do is spend time and money on a marketing plan that ultimately doesn’t pan out. With that in mind, here are some law firm marketing techniques that have a proven track record of success.

Marketing Techniques

1) Social Media

Honestly, we could make several blog posts just about social media, so we’ll keep it brief here: when done right, social media is a very powerful marketing tool. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites are perfect platforms to get your name and business in front of countless eyes. Of course, it can also be worthless if you don’t do it right. Create attractive, interesting postings, and then spend the money to boost your post. Then, sit back and let social media do the marketing for you!

2) Google My Business

Another internet-based tool that can be very effective is the wide range of services that are available from Google. By taking the time to list your business and clean up your online profile, you can get your law firm to jump higher up in search results. Another perk of using the Google platform is that your firm will also start to show up and be featured on other Google-related platforms like Google Maps.

3) Online Reviews

An old tried-and-true method that still works is word of mouth. In today’s digital age, though, you can take this method and bump it up a notch by asking customers to submit reviews online. Not only do these reviews show up on your webpage, but when put on various sites, they can also help boost your firm in the search listings.

4) Become Active in the Community

When a potential client is looking to hire a law firm, they’re more likely to hire someone whose name they recognize and see in various places. That’s why another effective marketing technique is to simply make yourself known locally. You might think we’re talking about billboards and TV spots (and those can have their place) but that’s not all. Join local associations, volunteer at the soup kitchen; put your business cards in conspicuous places — anything you can do to keep your name out front of the community. The more you’re a familiar entity to someone; the more likely they are to think of you first when they’re in need of legal help.

Solving Lawyers’ Problems with Consultation

As a lawyer, consultations with your clients are an everyday part of your job. You have to get used to approaching the clients from a certain standpoint, figuring out what their issue is and strategizing how you might solve it — all while talking to them in a way that gets them to trust you and encourages them to hire you. However, many lawyers run into problems when conducting their consultations, and are unsure what they are doing wrong.

Consultant for Lawyers Problems

As a consultant for lawyer’s problems, we have the solutions. These problem-solving tips can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with consultations, which can be all too easy to fall into, especially if you are dealing with a high-priority client and want to do what’s best for your firm. Here are some solutions you can work with:

1. Be sensitive to what your clients are telling you.

Sometimes the issue your clients come to you with is a deeply personal matter that has emotional, and not just monetary, significance. As such, you should always be sensitive to what your clients are saying; don’t ridicule them or berate them for the choices they have made, and just listen attentively and sympathetically. This will help put them at ease and will let you put your best foot forward during the consultation.

2. Don’t talk; listen.

You might feel a natural instinct to ask questions, especially as a trial lawyer; after all, that is your job. However, the consultation is not an interrogation, and you should hold off on pressing your clients for more details until they are done telling you their story. If you’re afraid you’ll forget, write your questions down on a notepad as you think of them.

3. Give your full attention to your clients.

Don’t take this time to check your email or answer phone calls — pay attention to what your client is telling you and make them feel like you are fully present in the consultation.

4. Don’t pretend you have all the answers.

The point of the initial consultation is not to solve your client’s case for them — it’s to fairly and accurately discern what is going on and how you may be able to help. Don’t tell your client you can magically make it go away — instead of making up answers to their questions, tell them that you honestly don’t know, but that you will find out.

Tips for Lawyers on Getting Hired

For many lawyers seeking employment, the legal industry is a crowded one. Not only do you have to compete with all of the others in your field who are also looking for jobs, but there isn’t necessarily even enough demand to accommodate everyone with a law degree. In 2015, the national unemployment rate for law graduates was 15.5 percent, according to the National Association for Law Placement — about triple the overall unemployment rate at that time. So when you’re up against these odds, what can you do to increase your chances of employment?

lawyers consulting

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips for lawyers on how to get hired:

1. Apply everywhere.

The rule of thumb when few jobs are available is to apply to as many jobs as possible. Be generous with your applications, and send out resumes to every company you can think of, even ones that you wouldn’t necessarily consider if you had your pick of firms. This means that many lawyers actually end up going into consulting, which can pay much better than law and have more openings, even if it’s not what you originally imagined working in.

2. Be flexible.

Because there’s relatively few legal jobs compared to the number of candidates searching for them, you can’t allow yourself to be restricted to a certain geographic area unless you have connections there and plan to get hired that way. There are many law firms across the country that are seeking capable, enthusiastic candidates, and you may have to widen your idea of where you want to live if you want to get a job.

3. Be presentable.

So much of the legal profession is about how people perceive you, which is why it’s so important to look your best, whether at interviews or networking events. Exude a confident, enthusiastic attitude, and show that you are put-together and organized.

4. Double-check everything.

A spelling error on a resume can kill any semblance of professionalism you have put together. Mailing in your resume physically is still the best way to get noticed (short of meeting someone at the company), so double-, triple- and quadruple-check everything to make sure that it is ready to send out.

Professional Legal Advice for Law Firms

Managing a law firm is difficult. It’s not that you have a hundred different clients and tasks pulling you and your staff in a hundred different directions — you can handle that. It’s the fact that every one of these clients is looking to you to fix a problem that they can’t fix themselves. It’s the responsibility of knowing that every day you go to work your clients’ futures may or may not depend on your actions on that particular day. That’s a huge responsibility, when you think about it — and the one thing your clients do not deserve is anything less than your full attention and abilities when working on their case.

professional legal advice for law firms

However, each client is expecting this same level of attention, and as you and your staff continue, this burden can become overwhelming. It’s even worse when your law firm is running at less than efficiency. When that happens, your work suffers, which can have disastrous effects on your cases, and your clients as well.

When this happens, it’s necessary to find the problem and fix it — is it a problem with case management? Are your client intake procedures outdated or needlessly cumbersome? Do you have difficulty communicating with clients and other involved parties in a particular case? These questions need to be asked before you can begin the necessary task of finding and fixing your firm’s problems.

Sometimes, however, problems like these can’t be found so easily. In times like this, it’s a good idea to turn to outside help. Bringing in a consultant, like Attorney Consultant Inc., might be just what your firm needs. It’s no secret that an outside eye, one with an expert eye for details, can find problems that someone on the inside just doesn’t know to look for. With this in mind, contacting Attorney Consultant Inc. might be just the thing your firm needs to get back on track.

When Attorney Consultant Inc. is hired to consult, it approaches the task thoroughly. Interviews are conducted and a plan is established to examine the running of your firm from top to bottom. If there are areas that need to be retooled or redesigned, we provide recommendations and practical knowledge on how to transform that area of the firm into one that operates at peak efficiency.

With the professional legal advice Attorney Consultant Inc. can offer your law firm, you can rest assured knowing that you and you firm are operating once again in the best interests of your clients and their futures. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why you should work with an Attorney Consultation

It’s difficult to run a successful law firm. Being in charge of an effective and smooth-running firm takes a strong commitment and 24/7 dedication to all aspects of the firm. For many, trying to run the day-to-day aspects of the company while at the same time giving clients the attention they deserve can be almost too much. When problems like this arise, it’s often a sign that your firm could use a helping hand when it comes to running efficiently and maximizing your resources. Hiring an attorney consultation firm can help in many areas.

  attorney consultation, client intake process law firm, legal client communication consultant Legal Client Communication Consultation

One of the main areas that attorney consultation services can help improve is in the area of intake consultations. These are vital to the life of your firm as they affect the relationship that you establish with every new and potential client that walks through your door. How you handle these intake situations will directly affect the size of your client intake. Working with an attorney consultation firm can help you evaluate your overall intake procedures in order to help you improve it. Making your intake procedures more efficient and smooth will help grow your firm at an exponential rate.

  Case Management

Of course, getting the new client is only the first step. Once you have the client, how are you going to handle the case? As you know, effectively working a case involves an overwhelming amount of work and resources . For the inexperienced or inefficient attorney, this seems like an impossible task. Attorney consultants are knowledgeable in ways that can help you streamline your case work and make it easier to manage everything you need to stay on top of. Not only will this help you with your cases and your overall load, but it will also help you with your intake, as happy clients lead to an effective marketing tool.

  Client Communication

While there are many aspects of handling a client that are important, one of the most important is client communication. Without good, reliable communication skills you’ll soon lose your clients, who will feel like they and their needs are not being taken seriously. As you take on more clients, those communication skills become even more important, and yet at the same time they get harder to maintain. An attorney consultant can help you by showing you tricks and strategies to help maintain clear lines and means of communication.


If you are interested in knowing more about attorney consultations to improve your case management, client communications and intake processes, please contact Attorney Consultants, Inc. today.

Marketing Contingency Plans for Law Firms

When you are creating your marketing plan for your law firm, it’s important to have a contingency plan for advertising in place as well. A marketing company that specializes in law firms can help you create this plan. It’s important to solidify the advertising and fee arrangements with this company as well. When you work with a marketing company, it’s important to have all the specifics accounted for, so you know how things will work going forward.

Marketing Contingency Plans for Law Firms

Why you need a contingency plan for advertising:

1) You need to think about the risks. When creating a contingency plan, the starting point is becoming aware of the risks. This is a list of the possible vulnerabilities within your marketing program. It should focus on things that are outside of your control. An example is the changes that occur in the economy, which can impact your sales. Another example is if you have personnel that leave, which can impact relationships that have already been established.

2) You need to think about the impact of those risks. You will have to combine the risk assessment with an impact analysis. You need to know how these risks can impact your company. You can then prioritize and classify these risks, so you know how to best address them. These risks can be operational, financial or legal. Operational risks hinder your company’s ability to meet the demand. Financial risks are unforeseen costs or a loss of sales. Legal risks involve intellectual property and product liability.

3) You need to monitor these vulnerabilities and plan your response. After you know what the vulnerabilities are, you need to monitor them and plan out how you will respond. It’s best to catch any early warnings of a risk increase by meeting with clients regularly and checking for industry changes. Then, you need to have a contingency plan for advertising in place to respond when a competitor cuts prices. You need to know how you can attract additional business and the best manners in which to do so. Your marketing company can help with advertising and fee arrangements going forward as well.

When you work out a complete marketing plan for your law firm, you also need to take into account a contingency plan to protect your success. Contact us with any questions!

The Benefits of Seeking Legal Advice Through a Consultation With a Lawyer

People have legal issues for a multitude of reasons. Often people choose to face these issues on their own. But, there are many benefits of seeking legal advice through a consultation with a lawyer.

legal assistance

Do you have a Case?

Meeting with a qualified legal representative will help you determine if you actually have a case or not. When you sit down with a lawyer, you will have the opportunity to tell your story to someone who understands the law. An attorney can examine the facts you present and will be able to give you an honest assessment as to whether or not you have a case worth pursuing.

Have Your Questions Answered

There is no doubt that you will have a lot of questions regarding your legal case. When you meet with a lawyer it will give you the opportunity to have all of them answered. In fact, even if you choose not to proceed with legal action, it is still a good idea to have your fears allayed by gaining some additional knowledge.

Have a Confidential Conversation

Anything you say to a lawyer during a consultation will always be held in the strictest confidence. Even during a consultation, attorney-client privilege applies. So, you can rest assured that anything you say about your situation will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.

Help and Support From an Expert

If you have been wronged by an employer, another person, a business or any other entity, speaking with a lawyer can provide you with the help and support you need. If you consider speaking with a legal representative, there is a good chance that you feel you have been wronged and are looking for a guiding hand to help you through the situation. Going through a difficult situation alone and without someone by your side can be stressful. But, working with a legal representative can make this time easier to get through.

Free Advice With no Obligations

Meeting with a lawyer to discuss a potential case is a free service most lawyers offer to their potential clients. Also, the meeting in no way obligates you to retain the lawyer’s services. So, there is really no risk in scheduling an appointment to speak with an attorney about your case.

If you have questions about getting legal assistance through a consultation, contact Attorney Consultants, Inc. today.

Invest in Your Law Firm

If you run a law office, you know that it has its challenges. Managing a law office requires strategy and planning. It involves much more than just being a great attorney. You may want to consider a law office management consultation.

 law office management consultation

Running a law office is more complex than representing clients. It is essentially a business in which legal services are provided. Investing in a consultant will help you with the overall business development of your law firm. They will provide necessary strategies to be implemented in the growing of your business. The knowledge and expertise they provide will improve and increase the flow of your business.

The clients are imperative in a law office. The consultant will seek out client feedback, ensuring their satisfaction. They will also assist with providing client management systems.

There is much to manage when you run a law firm. Leadership and management skills are a must. Your law office management consultant can help you further develop these vital skills that will take your firm to the next level.

You also have marketing to consider. Organizing the marketing aspects of a law office require much planning and involvement. The consultant will guide you through effective marketing strategies that can be easily implemented into your business. Your law firm will grow by following the marketing strategies that will be provided to you.

The best attorneys are not afraid to gain valuable assistance through hiring a law office management consultant. They will greatly assist you with putting the best practices together for your business to run as efficiently as possible.

Investing in a law firm consultant will be worth the time and money. It is the best investment you could make for your law firm business. Your entire staff will benefit from the strategies that will be implemented into your office.

If hiring a consultant is something that you are unsure about, you can always request a consultation. Many consultants offer free consultations. You should bring all of your questions and concerns to the meeting. You should know after the initial meeting if the consultant will be a good fit for you and your business. You will also leave the meeting more familiar with the products and services that they can offer.

A law office management consultant can greatly benefit your law firm. It is an investment you will not regret making for your business. Your business will grow, as will your knowledge and confidence in all aspects of your law firm.