Law Firm Client Intake Best Practices

21 Jun 2017
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Despite that it is the first chance you and a potential client will have to meet each other and discuss a case, the client intake consultation can often make or break the relationship. As it is commonly said, you never get a first chance to make a first impression. Growing a firm means attracting new Read More

Invest in Your Law Firm

9 Jun 2017
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If you run a law office, you know that it has its challenges. Managing a law office requires strategy and planning. It involves much more than just being a great attorney. You may want to consider a law office management consultation. Running a law office is more complex than representing clients. It is essentially a Read More

The Benefits of Intake Workshops for Law Staff

5 Jun 2017
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There is no question that the intake consultation is one of the most important meetings a lawyer can have with a client. Not only can it be the deciding factor of whether or not a potential client wants to hire your firm, but it is also the first opportunity a client has to meet with Read More

Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Conducting a Legal Client Intake Consultation

30 May 2017
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The first legal consultation you have with a potential client, known as intake, is an important first step in the relationship you will forge with that person. It is the basis for a healthy attorney-client relationship. Since intake is so crucial, it is important to avoid the following pitfalls that can befall even the best Read More

The Advantages of Working with an Attorney Consultant Firm

23 May 2017
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Running a successful law firm is hard work. It takes time and dedication to every aspect of the business Often, it can be difficult to juggle the responsibilities involved with properly serving clients and making sure the business stays afloat. Working with an attorney consultant firm is the perfect solution. Take a look at all Read More

Hire a Legal Case Management Consultant to Help Your Law Firm

16 May 2017
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Between advising and representing clients, trying to gain new clients and drawing up legal documents, how do you have time to manage all the other aspects of the firm? All attorneys and law firms can benefit from hiring a legal case management consultant. Many attorneys feel that their law firm is running smoothly, but after Read More

Grow Your Law Firm with a Law Firm Marketing Consultant

10 May 2017
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All law practices are in need of valuable law firm marketing. Running a law firm requires strategic planning. Marketing is important to increase clientele, and increase the number of cases that the firm represents. You can experience great benefits from investing in a law firm marketing consultant to help you implement vital strategies. A law Read More

Don’t Rely on General Business Advice for Getting Legal Clients

2 May 2017
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One of the most vital things that an attorney needs to do for their practice is bringing in new clients. Turning a prospect into a client is not always the easiest thing to do, especially for a new practice. One of the ways that an attorney can improve how they bring in new clients is Read More

Why Work With a Legal Consultation Service?

1 May 2017
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If you are looking to increase business for your law firm, one great way to do so is by working with a legal consultation services. If you are unaware of the benefits you can reap from this type of service works, keep reading for a brief overview. What can a legal consultation service do? There Read More

How Can Law Firm Management Services Benefit My Firm?

12 Apr 2017
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Managing clients, operations, marketing, and new business development is challenging for any organization. Law firms that are already busy handling a high volume of clients and cases can benefit from a law firm management service. Law firm management services help organize clients in a way that an attorney might not realize can be done. By Read More