Law Firm Management Consulting with Attorney Consultant, Inc.

5 Oct 2017
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Running and managing a small law firm is, without a doubt, a daunting task. You’re being pulled in all directions by the various members of your legal staff who all need help or advice in managing their clients, and at the same time you have to try and give your own clients the attention they Read More

Why you should work with an Attorney Consultation

3 Oct 2017
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It’s difficult to run a successful law firm. Being in charge of an effective and smooth-running firm takes a strong commitment and 24/7 dedication to all aspects of the firm. For many, trying to run the day-to-day aspects of the company while at the same time giving clients the attention they deserve can be almost Read More

Marketing Contingency Plans for Law Firms

18 Sep 2017
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When you are creating your marketing plan for your law firm, it’s important to have a contingency plan for advertising in place as well. A marketing company that specializes in law firms can help you create this plan. It’s important to solidify the advertising and fee arrangements with this company as well. When you work Read More

The Benefits of Seeking Legal Advice Through a Consultation With a Lawyer

30 Aug 2017
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People have legal issues for a multitude of reasons. Often people choose to face these issues on their own. But, there are many benefits of seeking legal advice through a consultation with a lawyer. Do you have a Case? Meeting with a qualified legal representative will help you determine if you actually have a case Read More

Intake Workshop for Attorney Registration

21 Jul 2017
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Intake is crucial in a law firm. This is how and when the clients are secured. Learning how to strategically increase your law firm’s intake will benefit your business in countless ways. There are strategic implementations that can be incorporated in your intake process. An intake workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to grow Read More

The Benefits for Intake Workshops for Law Firm Staff

20 Jul 2017
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Continuing education is essential in all careers. Training will help keep skills sharp and help workers learn the best techniques for their jobs. The field of law is no exception. Many law professionals can benefit from intake workshops. Intake workshops for attorneys as well as intake workshops for advocates are definitely worth the time. The Read More

Intake Law Consultation

19 Jul 2017
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Intake Law consultations are incredibly important in your law firm. This is the first in-person interaction with a potential client. A well established process should be in place for efficient decision making. Good screening requires thorough and accurate information. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate the case, as well as the client. The client Read More

Ways Your Firm can Benefit From Using a Case Management System

10 Jul 2017
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A disability law firm is generally a pretty busy place. More often than not, there are more cases than there are staff members to handle them. One way to help keep the flow of work organized and under control is to adopt a legal files case management system. Take a look at the many reasons Read More

Lawyers’ Contingency Fee Agreement

3 Jul 2017
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Have you recently been injured? Do you have money owed to you? You need an attorney’s knowledge and experience to help you win your case, but you may not know how you will pay for it. There is a law firm contingency fee agreement that allows you to get the representation that you need to Read More

Law Firm Client Intake Best Practices

21 Jun 2017
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Despite that it is the first chance you and a potential client will have to meet each other and discuss a case, the client intake consultation can often make or break the relationship. As it is commonly said, you never get a first chance to make a first impression. Growing a firm means attracting new Read More