ACI in Brief

Attorney Consultant Inc. is the leader in consulting for small law firms. We have helped firms bring in more clients, reduce their overhead, create business and marketing plans, create their own niche in the market and find far more satisfaction in their practice and in their lives. James Mitchell Brown will be pleased to discuss with you the services he provides. If you would like to schedule a free 30-minute private consultation, please call Jim Brown at 877-621-2022.


    We help law firms throughout the United States achieve their potential regarding income, efficiency, and personal satisfaction.


    Every firm is unique. We develop a program to make each client firm shine in their community.


    We advise law firms on the most innovative systems to bring in more clients, on proven methods to manage their firm, and on providing the ultimate in professional representation.


    Follow our case-management advice and win more cases at earlier stages of representation. You’ll file fewer appeals.


    Enjoy Your Practice; Enjoy Your Life® because we care.


    Look to your future with a long-term commitment from creative advisors for whom your firm is a priority each and every day.