Intake Workshop for Attorney Registration

Intake Workshop for Attorney Registration

Intake is crucial in a law firm. This is how and when the clients are secured. Learning how to strategically increase your law firm’s intake will benefit your business in countless ways. There are strategic implementations that can be incorporated in your intake process.

intake workshops for attorney registration

An intake workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to grow your clientele. If you have the option to attend an intake workshop for attorneys or advocates, you should take advantage of the opportunity. An intake workshop will benefit you, your advocates, and your support staff. You can partake in an intake workshops for advocate registration to reap all of the benefits from these workshops.

Support Staff

The support staff plays a major role in your law firm. They interact daily with your clients and with your potential clients. With the right skills, they can help you generate greater client intake.

Your support staff will learn valuable new strategies for intake. The Staff will learn strategic skills, including how to properly take phone calls. They will leave the workshop eager to put their newfound skills to practice.

Attorneys and Advocates

You know that client intake is important. You may already have some effective strategies in place. It is beneficial to continue to grow your knowledge and add to your toolbox.

Attending an intake workshop will benefit you and your law firm. You will get a new outlook on how to handle leads. You will also learn valuable ways to respond to prospective clients when the office is closed. Your office can flourish with the fresh, but experienced outlook you will receive when attending an intake workshop for attorneys. Complete your intake workshops for attorneys registration to get this process rolling. As an attorney, you will benefit greatly from this day workshop.

Intake is an important process in all law firms. It best to have strategic procedures in place in order to be as effective as possible. There is always room for improvement and growth. Pinning down concrete client intake practices takes work. When you have access to the best strategies, your law firm will develop a solid intake process.

When you attend a law firm intake workshop, it truly benefits your entire branch. In fact, your entire office can be a part of the workshop. Everyone will learn something new. Your firm’s current practices will be enhanced with new strategies learned in the workshop. Your team will gain valuable tools to pull from during the entire intake process.

Your entire team will benefit from an intake workshop. Register for an intake workshop for attorneys, advocates, and support team to build your client intake process.

The Benefits for Intake Workshops for Law Firm Staff

Continuing education is essential in all careers. Training will help keep skills sharp and help workers learn the best techniques for their jobs. The field of law is no exception. Many law professionals can benefit from intake workshops. Intake workshops for attorneys as well as intake workshops for advocates are definitely worth the time. The initial meeting or intake going well is what will gain you clients. It is imperative that this go well. You are essentially being interviewed by your potential client and this person will determine whether or not you will be hired for the case. There are many things to consider during this intake and it may not come naturally to everyone. This is where training will be beneficial.

intake workshop for advocate

What will you learn in an intake workshop?

How to generate leads

Before someone can become a client, you need to know how to make a lead into a prospect. An intake workshop will help you generate new leads. This will help you increase your number of clients.

How to increase the income of your firm.

No matter what kind of attorney you are, you need to make money for your firm. This is true of service-oriented lawyers as well. You need to keep your firm running. More than just gaining clients, you also need to know how to run your firm as a business. There are ways to streamline and cut costs in order to keep more of the income that you’re bringing in from those clients.

Many different people can benefit from intake workshops

Not just lawyers will benefit from attending an intake workshop. In addition to the intake workshops for attorneys, it can also be an intake workshop for advocates as well. You can also have your legal assistants, office staff and paralegals attend. Because a lawyer isn’t the only person that clients interact with, the rest of your staff can benefit from these workshops also. Each of your staff has a role in helping to turn prospects into clients. Make sure they receive the proper training as well.

Training is helpful in any industry. For the law industry, consider an intake workshop for all of your staff to learn how to better acquire clients. Contact us with any questions or to register for a workshop.

Intake Law Consultation

Intake Law consultations are incredibly important in your law firm. This is the first in-person interaction with a potential client. A well established process should be in place for efficient decision making.

Good screening requires thorough and accurate information. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate the case, as well as the client. The client intake consultation can begin with the initial phone conversation.

intake law consultation	Client Intake Forms

You know that you need forms for client intake. Ensure your intake forms are of high quality. You should incorporated a template document requiring the essential information, as to not forget to document anything important.

Incoming Call Forms

A client may call you to inquire about their case. It is advised that you have a specific form for the person taking the call to document information. The data gathered during the call should be thorough enough to make a decision on whether or not the firm will want to take the case.

Processes and procedures should be in place to gather necessary information quickly. A quick response to the client is crucial, therefore the phone client intake process needs to be efficient. Make sure that all necessary information is gathered in order to respond to the client in a timely manner.

Office Forms

These are the forms that you will want to gather concrete and personal information such as: social security numbers, legal names (both past and present), spouse names and other necessary but sensitive information. This is the information that cannot be received from a phone conversation.

Intake Evaluation

There are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed during the consultation and afterward during the evaluation period. You need to ensure that the case is desirable for your firm. You also need to consider the client that you will be representing.

There are many reasons to not take a case. Be aware of your natural and professional instincts. You may not agree with the client’s decisions. If you think the client is lying, then you should not represent them. If the matter is outside of your expertise, you may not want to take the case.

Client intake law consultations are crucial in all law firms. When you consult with a law firm consultant, they can advise you with the best client intake practices. They have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with efficient intake strategies.

Ways Your Firm can Benefit From Using a Case Management System

A disability law firm is generally a pretty busy place. More often than not, there are more cases than there are staff members to handle them. One way to help keep the flow of work organized and under control is to adopt a legal files case management system. Take a look at the many reasons your firm can benefit from maintaining a case management system for your legal files.

  legal case management attorney Case Management Systems are Now Commonplace

It used to be that only the most exclusive and high-priced firms used case management systems. But, that is no longer the case. More and more firms are adopting these systems. In fact, now thousands of firms use them. These systems are crucial for helping firms serve clients better and more efficiently. When the clients are served in this manner, they are happier and more apt to recommend the firm to their friends and family.

  Case Management Systems Give Overwhelmingly Positive Results

In the past, firms were reluctant to use these systems for fear that they would not see financial rewards quickly enough, thought they would be inefficient and unsophisticated, or simply wanted to wait and see how successful the systems were for other firms before they wanted to jump into the ring. However, these fears have all proven to be unfounded. Since case management systems make firms more efficient and streamlined, firms can bring in more business and make money faster. These systems have also improved over the years and they are now sophisticated and easy to implement. Further, so many firms are already using case management systems with positive results, there is no longer any reason to adopt a “wait and see” attitude.

  Case Management Systems are Streamlined

Successful disability law firms operate like clockwork. They are cohesive and organized. When your firm uses a case management system, it covers every aspect of your business, from emails to to workflow management and everything in between. When there is only one system to worry about, there are fewer chances for mishaps and mistakes.

  Case Management Systems Can Attract Better Clients

Using a case management system will increase your efficiency and productivity, which will result in happier clients. That means the next time your clients need a disability attorney, your firm will be on the top of the list. Not only that, they will be quick to refer your firm when their friends and family need legal help.

If you have questions about how a case management system can help your law firm or if you are ready to implement one, contact Attorney Consultant, Inc. today. We are here to help you improve your business.

Lawyers’ Contingency Fee Agreement

Have you recently been injured? Do you have money owed to you? You need an attorney’s knowledge and experience to help you win your case, but you may not know how you will pay for it. There is a law firm contingency fee agreement that allows you to get the representation that you need to win your case.

law firm contingency fee agreement

Contingency Fee A law firm contingency fee occurs when a lawyer agrees to take a case and receive payment only when it is won. That is correct! You do not have to pay the lawyer until they have won your case and put money in your pocket. If the case is not won, then the lawyer does not get paid. A law firm contingency fee agreement will benefit you when you do not have the funds to pay the attorney up front.

Cases that Qualify

Whether or not an attorney offers a contingency fee agreement is completely up to them. There are many cases that can qualify for this agreement.

1) Car accidents.

2) Work accidents.

3) Personal injuries.

4) Unemployment.

5) SSI Disability.

These are just a few cases that may qualify for this type of payment agreement. If you are in one of these situations, you should definitely consult with an attorney. Even if you do not see your legal situation on this short list, you should still contact legal assistance. It is best to consult with a lawyer regarding your own personal case.

There are also legal situations that will not be available for this agreement:


1) Immigration.

2) Legal separations or divorce.

3) Business.

4) Copyrights.

There are many other situations that do not qualify. Again, contact legal assistance with any questions, as consultations are usually complementary.


The fees that lawyers charge will vary. However, the most common contingency fee is 33%. Some lawyers charge more, but you may find one that actually charges less. The fee is entirely determined by the attorney. They should disclose their fee during your initial consultation with them.


There are many benefits when you work with a law firm’s contingency agreement. You may not have the money to pay the lawyer, but this agreement allows you to receive representation when you need it most. You will have an experienced attorney working on your behalf.

Since the lawyer is taking a risk with your case using the contingency fee agreement, they will only accept your case if they believe that they will win it. You should know during the consultation, or shortly after, if your case has been accepted. Contact a lawyer today to ask about their contingency agreement.